honeypot.js - because SPAM sucks

We all hate spam. Doesn't matter if it's an email from the Nigerian prince or gazillions of comments posted to your website by bots offering famous blue pill. On my personal website, I deal with it using the Drupal Honeypot package. It worked quite well, but still it was introducing bit of administrative headache. (Hence I recently switched all comments to Disqus).

While working on an expres.js powered website, I noticed there are plenty of SPAM fighting tools available for PHP, but very few for my favourite platform of choice - node.js.

This has bitten me hard on one of the express.js powered websites I worked on - pretty much as soon as we deployed it live and made adding new text content available to unauthenticated users (good luck with that!), we noticed wave of SPAM.

So in order to mitigate this, I've created a small npm package powered by great API from https://www.projecthoneypot.org/


Let me know if you find it useful. Docs are available on the npm and in the related github repo: https://github.com/rochal/honeypot

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