Plasmatic! Creating plasma fractals with JavaScript and canvas

This is just a static image. Use controls on the right to create your fractal.

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Use the controls to modify plasma in real-time! Plasma fractal also known as Random Midpoint Displacement Fractal is not only a cool visual effect but it also employs a very useful algorithm. Diamond-square algorithm it's used to create realistic heightmaps for 3D computer graphics and it can also create clouds or smoke effects. But most of all, it creates wicked plasma effect you can see above. And what is cooler than programatically generated plasma? Programatically generated plasma in JavaScript!

Fun with pixels and HTML5 video canvas

HTML5 video pixel manipulation

Original Transformed

(Example above tested in Chrome 17, Firefox 10 and Safari 5)

Recently, there has been a lot of hype about the HTML5 video. No wonder why - Google thinks the format is hot enough it is worth encoding thousads of the YouTube videos as webm and make them available through new HTML5 version of youtube:

HTML5 Mohawk Generator

Note: Jump here to read full article or play with the Mohawk Generator below.

Mohawk Configurator

Number of spikes:
Number of colors:

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Excuse me, there's an (HTML5) elephant in the room!

On September 27th I attended cool JavaScript meetup in Brighton called asyncjs. During two sessions (unfortunately I missed the first one so I had loads of catching-up to do) we built an amazing JavaScript Jungle / JavaScript environment.

We were asked, to fill this environment with jungle creatures that respond to the occurring changes - sun, rain, time of the day and so on. Creatures could move around, eat grass or even eat each other.

Entire environment was created using jQuery and we were also allowed to use HTML5 canvas support libraries such as paper.js and raphael.js. In addition to that, we used fantastic little library called broadcast.js to create event-driven environment for our jungle.

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